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Fishroom 1
Fishroom 2
Uwe Roemer
David P. Soares

In the Fishroom 1 You will find those Apistogramma speceies that have allready been scientiffically described, as well as members of other dwarf cichlid genera.

If You wish to look for new or still not described species please move to Fishroom 2 !

Apistogramma agassizii

Apistogramma alacrina

Apistogramma arua

Apistogramma atahualpa

Apistogramma baenschi

Apistogramma bitaeniata

Apistogramma borellii

Apistogramma cacatuoides

Apistogramma caetei

Apistogramma cruzi

Apistogramma diplotaenia

Apistogramma elizabethae

Apistogramma eremnopyge

Apistogramma eunotus

Apistogramma geisletri

Apistogramma gibbiceps

Apistogramma hippolytae

Apistogramma hoignei

Apistogramma hongsloi

Apistogramma huascar

Apistogramma iniridae

Apistogramma juruensis

Apistogramma maciliensis

Apistogramma martini

Apistogramma meinkeni

Apistogramma mendezi

Apistogramma moae

Apistogramma nijsseni

Apistogramma norberti

Apistogramma panduro

Apistogramma pantalone

Apistogramma pertensis

Apistogramma piauiensis

Apistogramma pulchra

Apistogramma regani

Apistogramma rositae

Apistogramma rubrolineata

Apistogramma rupununi

Apistogramma staecki

Apistogramma steindachneri

Apistogramma trifasciata

Apistogramma tucurui

Apistogramma uaupesi

Apistogramma urteagai

Apistogramma velifera

Apistogramma viejita

Dicrossus filamentosus

Dicrossus filamentosus

Dicrossus sp.  “Kolumbien” 

Dicrossus maculatus

Dicrossus spec. “Rio Negro”

Ivanacara adoketa

Mikrogeophagus altispinosa

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi

We hope that You enjoyed our picture-gallery, and that we will meet You again, as this gallery will be  updated continuously with new and / or missing species of Neotropical Dwarf Cichlids or extraordinary color morphs of species allready visible here.

If You have access to new morphs or species of Apistogramma we want to ask and encourage You to get in contact with Dr. Uwe Römer.

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