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For those Apistogramma maniacs who would like to get hold of some “Specials” we allways have a wide variety of mainly neotropical Dwarf Cichlids in offer!

People interrested in getting some live fish from SWDC professional hatchery in Oregon should please get in e-mail-contact with David, who is running that business to get more details. 

Appart from Neotropical Dwarf Cichlids there are always some other interresting (even non-Cichlid) species in stock.

Sales conditions

All items orderd have to be payed in advance. All offers are valid under the condition that items are in stock. Risk of transport is on the customers side.


Books have to be prepayed by check, money order, PayPal or COD. Price includes packing and shipping. Books will be mailed in order of incomming orders as long as in stock. Customers should immediatelly check for damage caused through transport service at receipt of shippment.

Live Fish:

All fish send out are sexable adults and healthy. Exeptions from size and age limit may be arranged in extraordinary cases only.

Fish are shipped express mail. UPS shipments may be arranged also on customers demand. All live fish have to be pre-payed by check, money order, or PayPal. COD is principially excluded for live animals. Total price includes fish plus shipping. Fish will only be shipped after full payment. DOA's will be replaced free of charge plus shipping if notified soon enough after delivery. All DOAs have to be preserved in 70% Ethanol (not Methanol!) and send to us when requested.

SWDC also sells wholesale;

please e-mail for conditions to David !

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