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Dr. Uwe Römer´s

Cichlid Atlas 1

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English Version

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at present !


Updated Reprint

in preparation !


Only few copies of

German language

edition available !!

Volume 1 of the most accurate and complete book series on

Neotropical Dwarf Cichlids!

The 1312 pages of this book, filled by the German Ichthyologist Dr. Uwe Römer with most of the available knowledge on Dwarf Cichlids from South America, incredible 1477 colour-photographs printed in highest quality, a profound identification-key, 195 sketches, 50 graphics, 16 tables, and 9 maps, will leave You with nearly no questions in maintenance and breeding of ! 


Reviewer Mike Wise wrote in the Apisto-Gram (Vol 16, No. 3):

“All things considered, the Römer Atlas is the most complete, accurate, and detailed book on South American dwarf cichlids ever published. In the past when asked what dwarf cichlid book to buy, I had to list two or more. Now the answer is simple: 

Get the Römer Atlas!!!!!”

more comments and critics here

And now You can get Your personal copy of the 1st English edition of CICHLID ATLAS 1 - Natural History of South American Dwarf Cichlids.

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