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Customer´s comments on CICHLID ATLAS 1

Received Uwes Atlas today, spend the last three hours just paging through it --

it is way beyond my expectations. Thanks Dave



Got books today, WOW they look Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi David,

I just got the book. It arrived this afternoon safely without any damage. What a great book this is and it's got Dr. Romer's autograph to boot! Thank you for the excellent service as always. I will treasure the book forever

Thanks again, 


Hi Dave,

The book arrived today and it is wonderful -- truly one of the very best fish books ever published and I have fish books that date back to the 19th century. Job well done!

Tell Romer that B. opercularis was in the USA long before Schleser's 1993 report. I saw them breeding at Rosario's LaCorte's house in 1979 and Rosario did an article on them in the early 1980's in FAMA. (.......)

Thanks again. Its a great book!


Robert Ellermann

Hi David,

I got the book!!! Thanks. It is an excellent book.


Oh Yeah!!!!!! Absolutely !!!!! I am going to preorder volume 2 from you.




I am the proud owner of Cichlid Atlas. I wanted to thank you for all the work you & Dave put into this atlas. I am enjoying it. I also purchased a copy for a friend who told me tonight he is all ready half way through the book !!


Ed Alfonso

Dear Dr. Römer,

My thanks to you for this wonderful Atlas which arrived today. I was very thrilled that   you had personalised my copy.  The photography in the book is awesome.

Kind regards,

Helen Burns,

Glasgow, Scotland.

Hi Uwe,

Having finally received the copy of your book I ordered, I have to say I was most impressed. Full of very useful information, and the key seems excellent, though I have still to try it out for a few live fish I have available to me.

Nice of you to thank Ant Arktika for the entertainment - I wonder how many people will realise!

Best wishes and hope the book sells well - it should do,


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