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CICHLID ATLAS 2 has just been published !

The Baensch Books CICHLID ATLAS 1 and CICHLID ATLAS 2 presently are the most actual work on the small cichlid genera from South America. Both volumes of the Natural History  of South American Dwarf Cichlids are supplementary to each other and summarise information available untill spring of the year 2006. But since this publications several new species have come to our knowledge. Some of it have also become available for aquarists.

After having experienced the pushing effects of the publication of CICHLID ATLAS 1 on our knowlege on Neotropical Dwarf Cichlids and on new importations, I am really curious, how intense the working reaction of exporters, aquarists and scientists will be on the  publication of CICHLID ATLAS 2!

I guess we may experience continuing of the recent hype of Apistogramma-species in the aquaristic hobby. This may turn out as a profound basis for collectors and exporters in the Neotropics to search for rarely exported or completely new forms and/or species of Neotropical Dwarf Cichlids.  As a result interrested aquarists (as well as scientists) may sooner or later get hold of numerous new forms of Apistogramma.

This steadily flux of new Neotropical Dwarf Cichlid species comming from different Neotropical sources will lead to the problem, that any book about this interresting group of fish is out of date within shortest time after printing. The only way to handle this is to update existing paperwork by adequate addenda.

As another result of the big number of new importations today no single person is able to follow all new discoveries and their importations. Logically CICHLID ATLASes are the result of colaboration of more than 150 interrested individuals like aquarist, scientists and photographers. For the preparation of the next supplement the writing and editing team would like to continue in the same way.

On this background I like to ask and encourage all visitors of this page as well as all readers of CICHLID ATLAS 1 and CICHLID ATLAS 2 to cooperate and help in the preparation of the next update. I hope to be able to publish it in the same comprehensive and complete manner as the first volumes have been in cooperation with Mergus Verlag.

What could You do?

Please send info on new Species!

You may occasionally come accross new color morphs, geographical forms or definite undescribed species when You check Your local pet shop or wholesailer. Or You may travel to the neotropics and have the opportunity to export some specimens. If You think that You know where a new species appeared or if You deal with a new Dwarf Cichlid, please contact Uwe to arrange closer contact, and eventually the possibly exchange of information, photos, or specimens.


You may also contribute by helping in search for literature! As You may see, mainly scientific publications and articles from major European and US-American magazines have been cited in the literature collection. If You have access to club magazines or any other form of publication please be so kind to e-mail information (author, year of publication, Title, Magazin, Publisher, pages, compare here) to Uwe . Any available copy of such publications would also be welcome!

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